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We are completely managed by fitness specialists who are certified experts.

Bodybuilding Coach

Rahul Thulassedharan

“Dedication & commitment will bring you success”.

Coach Rahul is from India and wanted a new career challenge so moved to the UAE to join MPROVE FITNESS from its inception.

He is an awarded body building Champion with over 10 years of experience. He enjoys the challenge of helping clients to attain the body they want by helping them to develop bulk & increase their overall body strength. He also works with clients who are looking to compete professionally in body building sports.

Bodybuilding Coach

Ronnie Marc Singson

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Coach Marc is a dedicated family man from the Philippines who joined the MPROVE FITNESS team since our inception. He began his career at the age of 16 years to become a multi awarded body builder. He is a highly qualified experienced trainer in coaching clients.

He is certified by the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness) as a Weight Training specialist. He is also qualified athlete, L1 CrossFit trainer, L1 World Calisthenics, Sports Nutrition Specialist & Boxercise coach.

A great motivator he encourages his clients who are determined to change their body physique and assists them to live a healthier and more active lives.


Coach Natalie

Coach Natalie is from Latvia and is proud to share her knowledge & passion about bodybuilding. She enjoys being part of her client’s transformation journey and to see their results and improvements in their health and lifestyle. She is also a foodie and loves to create tasty healthy low-calorie meals in her free time.

“The weight is not going to lift by itself”.


Coach Agustin

“The desire to succeed, will unlock the door to personal success.”

Agustin Morales from Argentina is MPROVE FITNESS chess playing coach. He started fitness training 8 years ago & has done several courses. He has acquired knowledge in weightlifting, running, gymnastics, kettlebell training & functional movement. He finds coaching rewarding by seeing his clients’ improvements develop from fitness enthusiastic to professional athletes’ level.

He is a certified professional L2 Cross fit Trainer and has participated at a high level for 5 years in several well-known competitions in Latin America. His personal future goal is to compete in the annual CrossFit games competition.

Bodybuilding Coach

Abdulghaffar Al Baloushi

“You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them.”

Coach Abdul from Bahrain is a proud former member of the Bahrain Police Forces. He moved to the UAE and joined the MPROVE FITNESS team in 2016 & is a certified Body Building Coach.

He loves to share his knowledge and help his clients achieve their goals in shaping & sculpting their bodies to gain clean muscle mass and bulk. His favorite training is legs & back.


Ahmed Amr

“Everything is possible but commitment & action will get you the results”.

Coach Ahmed is from Egypt & is a successful fitness coach & social media Influencer with over 100K+ subscribers on YouTube. He has over 9 years of experience as a coach with achieving successful results with his clients. He is gifted at sharing his knowledge on fitness training.

He is a qualified Calisthenics WCO Master trainer, L1 CrossFit coach & a certified ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Sport nutritionist.


Mahmood Osman

“When you have something to prove, go for the challenge.”

Coach Mahmoud is from Syria and is an accomplished sports management professional with an extensive track record of more than 19 years in fitness training and sports operation. CrossFit is his passion and he loves coaching, his favorite CrossFit workout is Fran. He is a gifted motivator & achieves results by setting fitness goals with his clients that changes their lives for the better.

He is a certified professional L2 CrossFit trainer also in CrossFit Kids, besides being a soccer coach and sports nutritionist.

Mahmoud continues to develop himself and aspires to push athletes to reach the CrossFit games.



“Aim high and reach for the skies.”

Coach Zine is from Morocco and is a passionate boxing coach who started his boxing training as a teenager at the age of 14. His natural talent led to him compete in the 2011 Moroccan National Amateur Boxing competition where he won first place. This success continued and he achieved first place for the next 5 years consecutively.

In 2016 he competed professionally and achieved first place again, and in the following year in 2017.

It is this strength, technique & talent that led him to become a coach. His personal achievements enable him to help his clients reach their full potential. He aspires to coach a champion one day and also become a world class fighter and win the World Championships.



“Dedication will turn your dreams into reality.”

Coach Dara is from Palestine and is a dedicated about fitness training. She loves helping her clients be the best version of themselves and promotes them to live a healthy & happy lifestyle.

On the competitive level she has achieved the title of Palestine Fittest Female 2 years consecutively, and has won several podium sports in her career. She quotes Jamie Green the CrossFit champion as her inspiration. She continues to participate in local competitions.

She is a certified L1 CrossFit trainer since 2017 and her goal is to qualify in the CrossFit semifinals next year in 2022.



“Hard work pays off over time.”

Coach Yasmine is from Jordan and has over 7 years of experience in Fitness and Body Building. Being an active member of the MPROVE FITNESS TEAM, she also likes to participate outside the gym by scuba diving, mountain biking & trekking in her free time.

She is passionate about helping clients find their balance and taking their fitness to the next level. Her goal in CrossFit is overall functional fitness inside and outside the gym.

She is a certified L 2 CrossFit trainer that specializes in Weightlifting and Gymnastics.


Membership Managers

They make everything happen 🙂

Front Desk

Erin Alexis

Front Desk



M-Prove is a Fitness Organization that is dedicated to Total Body Health System. Our Gym is completely managed by fitness specialists who are certified experts.

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